Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers make life simple and easy. Washing dishes by hand takes so much time and energy. It’s a miracle that we have the ability to pop dishes into a washing machine that cleans dishes for us! That’s why it can be such a hassle when your dishwasher breaks. When this happens, call TGR Major Appliance Service & Repair, and we will come over to fix it in a flash.
How do you know if you need dishwasher repairs? If the door doesn’t lock properly, if water remains inside after completing a washing cycle, or if the dishes aren’t hot right after a wash, you need repairs! Some other signs to be on the lookout for are if you see water leaking on the floor near your dishwasher, if the dishwasher makes unusual noises, or if your dishes stay dirty after a wash. Call us and we can fix it in no time!