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For an appliance repair service in Winston Salem, NC Greensboro, NC, High Point NC and surrounding areas within a 30 mile radius , call on TGR Major Appliance Service & Repair. For many years we have offered a wide range of services including wall oven repair, washer and dryer repair, refrigerator repair, and much more. We have the experience to repair your appliances efficiently and professionally. We pride ourselves on our customer service and affordable rates. For a great appliance repair service in Winston Salem, NC, call on TGR Major Appliance Service & Repair.


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Service And Repair AlAt TGR Major Appliance Service & Repair, we know how much you rely on household appliances to help. When one of your appliances breaks or stops working, it’s a huge hassle that can prevent you from getting things done. That’s why we specialize in appliance repair! Since 1982, we have worked hard to provide the best appliance repair services around. The community of Winston Salem, NC, has depended on us for appliance repair services for many years. We are able to repair all types of appliances! If your washer and dryer stop working, call us! Did your refrigerator go out? Is your microwave or oven broken? We can fix it! Our team of skilled mechanics can also repair wall ovens, dishwashers, stove tops, freezers, and much more. We even offer emergency repairs! Want to find out what we can repair for you? Give us a call today!l Major Brands
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At TGR Major Appliance Service & Repair, we offer washer and dryer repairs! The washer and dryer each have different warning signs that indicate that they need to be serviced. For the washer – if the drum isn’t spinning, isn’t filling up with water, or takes too long to drain, you likely need a washer repair service! For the dryer – if it does not dry clothes as quickly as usual, or runs at an extremely high temperature, then the thermostat may be broken. However, if you notice sparks coming from the dryer, unplug it immediately and call us right away! We offer an emergency appliance repair service to get it in top shape as soon as possible! Don’t ignore these signs – call TGR Major Appliance Service & Repair right when you notice something wrong with your appliances.
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